Saturday, February 7, 2015

CND Summer 2015 Garden Muse Collection

CND Summer 2015 Garden Muse Collection

Summer 2015 embodies a bold, bright garden filled with memories future-past. Beauty awakes to fragrant notes of nostalgia with the new Garden Muse collection from CND.

“This season’s trends are all about sculpted, dramatic silhouettes and intense floral hues that invite abandoned reverie,” says CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold. “Nails are seductive and sleek, adorned with a harmony of vintage floral design elements and spellbinding patterns for an alluring effect.”

AVAILABLE IN: Beckoning Begonia, Hot Pop Pink*, Wisteria Haze, Lost Labyrinth, Water Park*, Butterfly Queen

Available worldwide Summer 2015; visit the Salon Locator on to find a CND® SHELLAC® Brand Certified Pro. In-salon CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color services range from $35-$50, depending on location.

AVAILABLE IN: Beckoning Begonia, Crushed Rose, Wisteria Haze, Lost Labyrinth, Reflecting Pool, Butterfly Queen

Available worldwide Summer 2015; visit the Salon Locator on In-salon VINYLUX® Weekly Polish services range from $20-$35, depending on location; VINYLUX® Weekly Polish and VINYLUX® Weekly Top Coat retail for $10.50 per bottle at select salons.


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