Sunday, July 28, 2013

Girly Bits Cosmetics - What Happens In Vegas... and New Nail Care Products

"What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Facebook"
Our new, LE polish What Happens In Vegas... Ends Up On Facebook is a dusty eggplant shimmer with holo qualities and blue/purple colour shifting iridescent micro glitters, pink micro glitters and red micro shimmer.

This show exclusive shade was created for bloggers who visited the 2013 Cosmoprof North America trade show at Mandalay Bay in Vegas July 14-16, and will be available in limited quantities at Girly Bits Cosmetics beginning at 12noon (EST) on Monday, July 29th. Only one batch was made, and each bottle will be numbered.

Where to Buy It
This is a limited edition shade that is currently only available for purchase through Girly Bits Cosmetics.
Retail: $11.00

New nail care products
Product Release Date: Monday, July 29th, 12noon EST
  • Frazzle Fixer healing cuticle oil containing carefully selected oils to nourish and protect cuticles and nail beds. For a complete list of ingredients click HERE.
    Available in 3 scents: Caribbean Dream, Cupcake and Sangria. (Available unscented by request.)
  • Smooth Move ridge filling base coat evens out any ridges or bumps on the nail creating a smooth surface for a more attractive polish finish. Also makes for a great neutral, creamy coloured base under lighter, transparent shades.
  • Stick With Me base coat helps adhesion of polish to the nail allowing for better, longer wear.

All three are part of our NEW Nail Care product line.

Where to Buy It
Our new line of nail care products are currently only available for purchase through Girly Bits Cosmetics.
Retail: $6.50 each

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