Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola Collection

Color your world with Nicole, a Coke, and a smile!

Six limited edition nail lacquers inspired by the world’s best loved Coca-Cola beverages. Coca-Cola delivers beverages to meet your active lifestyle and Nicole by OPI delivers a bright palette of colors that add “pop” to your look. Available in Coca-Cola original, the lighter side of Diet Coke, the sweet citrus pop of Fanta Orange, a fruity burst of Fanta Grape, the sparkling effervescence of Sprite, and the next generation refreshment of Coke Zero. Nicole by OPI + Coca-Cola invite you to experience “The Real Thing.”

The Coca-Cola collection includes:
  • Always a Classic Coca-Cola: This classically gorgeous bright red is refreshingly stylish.
  • DC Lover: Scintillating silver with iconic-Coke red sparkle.
  • The Look is Orange: Put the squeeze on this bright and stylish orange!
  • In Grape Demand: People are lining up to get their hands on this yummy plum.
  • Seriously Citrus: No kidding...this clean, sparkling green with refreshing, cool white is gorgeous!
  • Zero is My Hero: Just in time, this darkly rich burgundy has come to my rescue!

WHERE TO FIND IT: Discover the collection in the U.S. at select CVS, ULTA Beauty, Kmart, ShopKo, Harmon, and Giant Eagle locations in March 2015 for $6.99. Available in Canada at select Walmart and Jean Coutu locations for $10.99.

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