Friday, September 13, 2013

Girly Bits Cosmetics Fall Season Premiere Collection Plus OVbunEN & Elephant Shoe

The Girly Bits Cosmetics Fall 2013 Collection "Fall Season Premiere" was inspired by favorite TV shows: Bones, Saturday Night Live and Family Guy. They are being released just in time for the fall TV season premieres to start! OVbunEN and Elephant Shoe are stand alone shades.

Introducing the Fall Season Premiere Collection

The following 3 shades were inspired by Bones:
  • Dancing Phalanges - a raspberry pink glass fleck shimmer. Retail: $11.50
  • King of The Lab - a pumpkin orange glass fleck shimmer. Retail: $11.50
  • Gravedigger - a black jelly with lots of Hallowe'en inspired colored glitter in orange, green, purple and pink. Retail: $10.00

The following 3 shades were inspired by Saturday Night Live:
  • D!ck In a Box - a deep charcoal gray tightly scattered holo. Retail: $11.50
  • More Cowbell - a steel blue gray tightly scattered holo with blue iridescent flakies. Retail: $11.50
  • Well Isn't That Special - a medium purple tightly scattered holo with white flakies. Retail: $11.50

The following 3 shades were inspired by Family Guy:
  • Bird Is The Word - a magenta/purple holo shimmer. Retail: $11.50
  • What The Deuce? - a kelly green holo shimmer. Retail: $11.50
  • Giggity Giggity Goo - a champagne holo shimmer. Retail: $11.50

OVbunEN and Elephant Shoe

OVbunEn (aka "Bun In The Oven") is a clear-based glitter bomb filled with soft baby-colour inspired glitters in light blue, matte pink, yellow and green. It was created along with its co-ordinating base colour Elephant Shoe, both of which were inspired by expecting friends. Retail: $10.00

Elephant Shoe is a beautiful smoky gray creme. Whisper the words "elephant shoe" to someone and it looks as though you are saying "I love you". This shade was created as a base colour for OVbunEN, both of which were inspired by expecting friends. Retail: $10.00

"OVbunEN" and "Elephant Shoe" will be available as a duo listing for $18.00.

Where to Buy

At this time the new releases will be available for purchase on Sunday, September 15th, 2013 at 12noon EDT through Girly Bits Cosmetics.

Please check with the Authorized Distributors page for the availability of the new releases.

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  1. The holos are very pretty. I like the 3 shades which are inspired by Saturday Night Live the most although the green one "What The Deuce?" is very beautiful too.