Thursday, January 30, 2014

Seche Perfectly Poised Collection

Seche Nail Lacquer Introduces New Spring 2014 Collection: Perfectly Poised

The Seche woman can Conquer the World, one perfectly polished nail at a time. She is dressed Head to Toe in confidence as she steps out to take on the day. Buttoned Up in her best, this Effortlessly Styled woman is smart, sassy, ambitious and quick-witted. She is Perfectly Poised – always looking for the longest-lasting, fastest-drying seasonal shades that remind her to "Keep It You." To stay true to who she is, she turns to Seche.

The collection includes:
  • Keep It You: Deep rose pink with purple shimmer
  • Head to Toe: Creamy nude
  • Effortlessly Styled: Melon sherbet cream
  • Perfectly Poised: Soft marigold cream
  • Conquer the World: Light teal with gold shimmer
  • Buttoned Up: Lavender cream with purple shimmer

Seche is the leading global brand most trusted by professional nail technicians and the women who desire and demand superior quality, exceptional technology, unparalleled performance, and beautiful results for the care of natural nails. Seche Perfectly Poised will be available February 2014 nationwide. For more information, visit

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