Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jamberry Nails Announces Online Customization Tool

Create One-of-a-Kind Nail Wraps with Jamberry Nails' Customization Tool

Jamberry Nails, the Utah-based direct-selling company that has become a household name in less than two years for their easy-to-apply long-lasting nail wraps, is expanding their current collection of over 275 unique nail art designs to, truly, an infinite amount. Launching today is an online customization tool so anyone can create personalized nail wraps by simply uploading their own pattern, graphic design or photo at

This promises to be the ultimate tool for everyone from beauty junkies looking to personalize their routine to small businesses looking for unique and creative ways to market to women. Jamberry Nails custom designs will also make for meaningful personalized gifts, party favors, and a creative way to celebrate brides and mommies-to-be, graduates, star athletes and more. While standard Jamberry Nail wraps retail for $15 per sheet, customized styles will retail for $25 per sheet. One can usually get up to three applications from one pack of standard Jamberry Nails, and it will vary with customized nail wraps based on the design submitted.

For more information please visit


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