Friday, March 22, 2013

NYX Cosmetics - Precious Pearls Duos

Plunge into the spellbound treasures of the sea and embellish your nails with 3-dimensional breathtaking pearls in black, white and opal for an instant lavish and exotic look on your fingertips.
  • What it is: A Nail art kit to embellish nails in beautiful pearls.
  • What it does: Makes nails a unique 3D work of art
  • Why we love it: Makes nail designs that ROCK!

Artist Tips/Suggested Use: Apply NYX Nail Lacquer from kit to desired finger nails. Drizzle pearls over freshly painted nail being sure to capture excess. Once nail is covered as desired, press pearls into NYX Nail Lacquer to create smooth top surface. Apply top coat to seal in pearls. Return excess pearls to bottle with funnel. For removal soak nails with decoration in acetone for a few minutes.

"Nail Art is something that inspires me, and I always try new designs, colors and textures with my own nails. I wanted to introduce something new and edgy for the NYX fan to make their own nails 3D works of art."
-Toni K., Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Availability:, $9.99 per kit


  1. NYX is a little late to the pearl/caviar party, but the set is cute and I <3 the price!

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