Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Minx Collaboration with Donald Simrock

Minx Collaborates with Celebrity Make-Up Artist Donald Simrock to Create a New Collection of Nail Coatings

Renowned Make Up Artist and Contributing Beauty Editor of Flaunt magazine Donald Simrock is joining forces with Minx, Inc. co-founders Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan to create a private, limited edition collection of nail art entitled “Sextet.”

Dawn reveals “Both Janice and I have been working with Donald since the beginning of Minx, Inc., and we are very excited to collaborate on this project! We welcome adding Donald’s amazing creative talents to the Minx brand.” Dawn also notes that while the designs are focused toward male Minx fans, the designs are guaranteed to appeal to everyone.

Music Icon Shirley Manson adds: “What I love about Donald is that he understands beautiful things are much more interesting when they are also unique. He brought this esthetic to work with his nail designs for Minx, which are definitely eye-catching and unusually gorgeous!”

Launching later this month, Donald will feature the collection in select nail boutiques as well as online in Minx’s “Tasting Room” ( where both consumers and professionals can purchase the designs. Each self-applied nail coating pack includes 18 templates for a perfectly prideful manicure/pedicure with absolutely no drying time.

Minx solid nail coatings require only heat and pressure for application, and have singlehandedly created a new category of nail fashion since launching over five years ago. Celebrities including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna have worn countless Minx designs and colors, and have thrust nail fashion into the international spotlight. Male celebrities also enjoy this new nail fashion, including Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Seal, Vanilla Ice, Big Bang, Cristal Snow, and Tyson Ritter of the All-American Rejects.

“I photographed the entire collection in the moment that I was inspired, and specifically with this project in mind,” confided Donald. “I really wanted to start with Minx using photographs. I tried to offer an urban view to the more natural elements, and a colorful, artistic view to the more industrial styles. I have started off with a collection of six patterns… And I’m really excited to see where we go from here!!”

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