Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Minx Professional for Leah Light Collection

Minx, Inc Unveils Signature Collection Designed by New Zealand Celebrity Nail Stylist Leah Light

Minx, Inc. co-founders Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan are delighted to announce the launch of the “Minx Professional for Leah Light” collection designed by New Zealand’s premier nail stylist, Leah Light.

“We were so pleased to collaborate with Leah and bring her visions to life in this new Minx collection,” said Dawn. “We love how Leah’s collection is so personal to her, incorporating elements of her culture, her relationships, her philosophy and her family. A true artist, Leah has created a collection with significance and heart.”

Leah, who receives worldwide attention through her regular features on CoCo Perez and works with countless national and international stars, began applying Minx to her customers just over two years ago when she discovered the solid nail coating through the exclusive New Zealand and Australian distributor Switch Funky .

“As soon as I saw Minx, I thought it was genius,” Leah enthused. “Minx is a solid coating that can be applied on either natural nails or tips using only heat and pressure. There is no drying time and no chemicals,” Leah further explained, “While that alone is a big benefit where you are doing nails in high pressure situations like magazine shoots and fashion shows, I was beside myself when I saw the incredible graphics, designs, and metallics that Minx offered. Until Minx appeared on the market, there was no way a stylist could create such incredible nail fashion for clients without hours of preparation, and there was definitely no way to create the pure metallic that Minx offers.”

Leah finally met the founders of Minx when they flew over to New Zealand to meet her in November 2011. When they offered Leah the opportunity to design her own collection, she jumped at the chance to capture her nail artistry with Minx where it could be enjoyed by nail fashion enthusiasts around the world.

“My philosophy is to give each of my clients something unique, and by making each of my designs in the ‘Barely There’ style with a transparent background, every person who wears my design has creative control over the final look they achieve,” Leah explained. “By custom blending the base colors, no two clients need ever have the same look from any of my Minx designs.”

The theme for the eight designs in the Minx Professional by Leah Light collection is ‘Simply Chrome’ with each design utilizing the pure metallic Silver or Gold Minx finish. Each design appears on a transparent background, enabling it to be worn layered over a gel polish, nail polish, or Minx base color so that the design appears on top of the background color. The Minx coatings can also be worn alone, with no base, for a more subtle look.

 The Minx Professional for Leah Light Collection can be purchased online by nail professionals anywhere in the world through the www.MinxNails.com website.

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